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Your home or remodeled area will require "breaking in time" and
maintenance by the owner. Although the builder has continuous
obligations under the warranty as defined in the Indiana Quality
Assurance Builder Standards, the owner must care for the home or
remodeled area, and maintenance is not the builders responsibility.
Twelve Month Claim Procedure: Defects appearing after the closing date
which are defined in the Indiana Assurance Builder Standards should be
documented and submitted 15 days prior to the end of the warranty
period. Please give complete explanation of defect in writing or by
accessing Warranty Service Request form on the link above. Appropriate
repairs will be made by the builder within 90 days after written receipt of
written request, weather and labor conditions permitting
Only emergency reports will be taken by telephone @ 574-522-0505
GM Homes
P.O. Box 2298
Elkhart, IN 46515




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